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About Dhanisri Hostel

"Violet by a mossy stone, half hidden from the eye" - William Wordsworth In the picturesque view of IIT-G campus, Dhansiri Hostel stands out, a white beauty confident and elegant reflecting the spirit of the boarders in herself. The hostel is the new addition to the IIT-G family and houses a total 230 girls. The hostel stands out in its twin sharing facility which defines it as more of 'home away from home'. Boarders in the hostel or freshers' from the various Bachelor and Master degrees.In a span of just two months, the hostel has seen an strong amicable bonding among all the boarders. At the same time the hostel has also formed its first HMC which is diligently working towards maintaining the standards and decorum of the hostel. The hostel is in the process of stretching its branches in terms of its capacity and facilities. A fully functional mess, sports room, music/dance room, reading room are on their way of inception. The boarders are a closely knit family who actively participate in meetings concerning the hostel. The collective responsibility, the unity and amity, the active participation and enthusiasm of the boarders is what defines Dhansiri Hostel.