Dihing Hostel

Pankaj  Tiwari

Warden, Dihing
Contact- +91 361 2582263

  pankaj.tiwari @ iitg.ac.in

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About Dihing Hostel

For the time that we've been here, Dihing hostel has taken its place in our hearts not only as our home away from home but also as the most hip and happening place. Where else would you find a busy canteen at 3am? Where else would you find a crowd stuffed in a single room sharing their thoughts throughout the night? In our hostel people just don't live together, they live as one too. As has been said by Cesare Pavese, ?We do not remember moments". And certainly moments we've had. On the 2nd of October the great Mahatma's coming was celebrated with an enthusiastic discussion on ?Gandhigiri in Modern India" An inter hostel football tournament called DPL (Dihing Premier League) was also organized and created quite a sensation among the hostel boarders. It is said that in India cricket is religion, Dihing commemorated that spirit with a cricket tournament ?Silver Stumps' during which play carried on even in night under floodlights. Not to forget the 3 busiest day of the year, no, it wasn't exam-time; it was time for the most prestigious and ever growing inter-hostel cultural festival, Manthan. With events ranging from drama, spoof, literature, music, dance to the fine arts, there was no time to rest lest the others get ahead of us! The entire hostel spent those 3 days working around the clock with no consideration for sleep or hunger. That was the time we all functioned as one single unit to give Dihing a chance of victory at Manthan. In order to prepare the freshers for what was going to come in Manthan, Dihing had organized a mini version of Manthan, called ?D-Man Hunt'. For the first time this year, the event stretched one for two whole days and drew on a surprising pool of intensity and talent from freshers. On broader perspective, this year Dihing got a permanent reading room where the boarders could enjoy a serene atmosphere while immersing themselves in books. This hostel is surely a place we would miss later in our lives.