Tender Details:


Tender Reference NoIITG/SA/NIT-288/2022/Food Court

Tender ID: 

  1. Bakery Outlet: 2022_IITGW_663052_1
  2. Diary and beverage Outlet: 2022_IITGW_663057_1
  3. Fine Dine Restaurant: 2022_IITGW_663057_1
  4. Ice Cream and Waffle Outlet: 2022_IITGW_663129_1
  5. Indian Snacks Outlet: 2022_IITGW_663110_1
  6. Pizza Outlet: 2022_IITGW_663124_1
  7. South Indian Food Outlet: 2022_IITGW_663120_1
  8. sandwich Outlet: 2022_IITGW_662912_1


Description: The last date of bid submission has been extended till 4th July.

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